• daisy

Get Creative: Storage Boxes

i recently decided that i am going to try to minimize some of my possessions -- i.e. get rid of some of my junk. i have a rather large assortment of tchotchkes and random things hanging around that i've held onto for years. now, i think it may be time for me to part with them. i also like to make collages, therefore i have a habit of cutting out magazine clippings and pictures i think are cool with the intention of using them in future art projects. sometimes, i follow through and create something with them -- other times, i am left with piles of paper that i am never going to use. this is where these adorable storage boxes come in handy. this particular one i purchased at urban outfitters for $10. it is intended to be used for beauty products -- it has swivel trays and a mirror inside -- but i found it quite useful for storing postcards, polaroids, and those aforementioned collage objects.

this image is a screenshot from one of my favorite bloggers, marie von behrens (@mvb) on instagram <3 (but it just so happens i ended up buying the same box ;) great minds, right?)

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